About Me

Hilary Gunning, freelance editor, hgediting.com

Professional editor specializing in books and articles

Hi, I’m Hilary Gunning.

I started out as an editor from a young age – correcting my twin sister’s every word as we grew up. An avid reader into my teens and adulthood, I always had an eye for language and thrilled at the idea of working through a text, catching little errors and adjusting phrasing, massaging the writing to make it as clear, effective, and evocative as possible.

The opportunity to work as a tutor in the writing lab at my college gave me my first practical experience with editing, and I never looked back. (I still do proofreading work for my alma mater!)

Now that I’m working as a professional editor, I thoroughly enjoy interacting with writers and their work. My goal is to bring out the very best in everything I edit while ensuring that each text fulfills the author’s intentions and retains his or her unique voice.

I have extensive experience editing and formatting academic writing for journal submission, particularly in the areas of psychology, economics, and literature. What I most enjoy is working with fiction, and I’ve edited numerous novels and short stories in my years as a freelancer.

Beyond that, blog articles, nonfiction manuscripts, press releases, and legal texts have all benefited from my edits and suggestions. Whatever the genre, I bring my practiced eye and innate talent to the text, and my clients always appreciate my contributions.

I’m so excited to be doing what I love for a living, and I hope we can work together to bring more and more excellent writing into the world.