Here are just a few of the projects I’ve worked on as editor.


Masters of the Lost Land; Heriberto Araujo Rodriguez

Booburgh Visitor’s Guide; Andrew Kolb

Flock Without Birds; Filip Dousek; Toito

Radhika and the Happy Bot; Ramya Sethuraman

The Salesman’s Guide to Dating; David Masover

Wedding Vow Writing; Alycia Curtis

The Break; Erica Sand

Aya Begum: Paranormal Investigator; Iqbal Ali; Mild Frenzy

The Heart of Self-Love; Heather Hans

Profit Sustainably; Steve Richerson; Concrete Dream Inc.

Out of Sync; A. Bin Juran


“How China Could Stop Brazil’s Ecological Tragedy”; Heriberto Araújo; The New York Times

“An Approach for a Digital Maturity Model for SMEs Based on Their Requirements”; Daniel Schallmo, Klaus Lang, Daniel Hasler, Katharina Ehmig-Klassen, Christopher A. Williams; ISPIM 2020

Local soldier fatalities and war profiteers: New tests of the political cost hypothesis”; Matthew Boland, David Godsell; Journal of Accounting and Economics

The CAIR Report: Institutional Research for the Public Good

“The Effect of Discontinuous and Unpredictable Environmental Change on Management Accounting during Organizational Crisis: A Field Study”; Christie Hayne; SSRN Electronic Journal